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Customers are at the heart of what we do, from cable design to delivery. We apply flexibility throughout the supply chain to accelerate time to market and adapt to customer needs.

Our vision

International reach, local experience

Cablec was founded in 1960 and quickly became the leading brand of cables for electrical conduction.
In 1969, the American company Phelps Dodge acquired 70% of the shares of Cablec, promoting the growth of the brand and the expansion of the product portfolio. In 2007, Phelps Dodge was acquired by General Cable.
Later in 2018, Prysmian Group acquired General Cable. We are now a brand of the Prysmian Group and we are very proud to be part of the largest company in the power and telecommunications industry in the world.


We have the synergy of a network of 16 factories worldwide

By being part of a Multinational, we have the support of well-known brands that provide us with the highest quality products, including:

Procables: factory with almost 50 years of presence in Colombia, since 2018 it is part of the Prysmian Group. Learn more

Cocesa: factory with more than 70 years of presence in Chile, since 2018 it is part of the Prysmian Group. Learn more

Prysmian Group Brazil: a factory with more than 90 years in the country, it has established itself as the headquarters of the Group in Latin America. Learn more

Prysmian Group North America:  With over 140 years of experience, the region operates 13 plants and is headquartered in Highland Heights, KY. Learn more

All of our products comply with national and international standards and with the quality standards of the Prysmian Group. Learn more about the group



Product Certifications

Our cables are manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations in the speci fi cations of each product. Our standards comply with ANSI, UL, ASTM, IEC, NBR, ICEA and FAA.

Our products have been installed in countless electrical, urban and industrial projects in Colombia, as well as in energy distribution and transmission networks in various countries of the continent.


PQRS management

Prysmian Group Global Presence

Angola, Ivory Coast, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Oman, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, U.A.E., UK, Hungary.
Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru.
Canada, USA.
Australia, China, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zeland, Singapore, Thailand.